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Patient Care

close-up of a toddler with an adult helping her walk

Finding New Ways to Help Patients Move Forward

At every stage of diagnosis and treatment, we are helping our patients with innovative care and support so they can reach the next step.


New Augmented Reality Technology Guides Spine Neurosurgeon to Success


Helping Our Youngest Patients Move Forward

Watch as 21-month-old Lemuel's family discuss their time at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center and the care, compassion and empathy their son received.


Explore Our Health Portal

Read the latest articles, watch webinars and learn about upcoming events on a variety of health and wellness topics.


Medical Research

a para athlete races on a track

Advancing Science from Labs to Patient Care

Our research leads to discoveries that help advance patient care and foster healthier lifestyles. Here are just a few ways we are moving forward in medical research.


Johns Hopkins and the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize bestows international recognition for outstanding contributions to the fields of chemistry, physics, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace. Several of our distinguished faculty members have been recipients of this prestigious award.

29 Nobel laureates affiliated with Johns Hopkins

16 Nobel Prizes in physiology or medicine

3 Nobel prizes in chemistry

4 Nobel laureates currently at Johns Hopkins


Pictures That Capture Research Advances

Long before research affects patient care, it starts in a lab. Take a closer look at these discoveries on Johns Hopkins Medicine Fundamental’s Instagram page.


    Stay Informed About Our Latest Discoveries

    Read mind-blowing stories about science, medicine, people and more.


    Education Programs

    children running to catch a school bus

    Training the Next Generation of Doctors and Biomedical Researchers

    The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine consistently ranks among the nation’s very best in education. These numbers are important, but we’re more than just numbers — we’re a community of seekers and dreamers.


    My Path to Medicine | Thomas Elliott, M.D.

    In Their Own Words

    Our school of medicine trainees are passionate, collaborative, curious and full of ideas. The Biomedical Odyssey Blog is where these trainees share stories about daily life in the classroom, their experiences with residency, research they're working on, and tips for future medical students, residents and researchers.


    Explore Our Medical Programs

    Learn about the training opportunities available at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


    Community Health Initiatives

    three kids running on a beach

    Envisioning the Future of Equal Access to Health Care

    We are forming vital community partnerships that aim to promote health equity, while enriching the health and wellness of our neighbors.

    Delivering COVID-19 Vaccine Equity

    Explore Our Efforts in the Community

    Learn about events, volunteer opportunities and other resources available to people in our local communities.


    Health and Wellness

    an overhead shot of a man swimming laps in a pool

    Health is not a single destination, but a way of life. We empower patients and find new paths to happier, healthier lives through preventive care, precision medicine and a steadfast commitment to creating wellness.


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